How Ironic!

13 Jan

When I was working at my company I had the opportunity each year to be supplied with a Franklin Planner.  FP’s are very nice, leather-bound booklets with day by day, week by week, month by month calendars … all designed to help the busy professional keep track of the meetings they needed to attend, business contacts, etc.

As nice as they were, I never chose to have one.  I couldn’t see spending the money (even though it was not my money) to have something I didn’t think I needed (and I didn’t).  After all, it was enough for me to write any meetings I had on my calendar on my desk.  It served the purpose just fine (and I never missed a meeting!)

Now that I’m retired, and 2010 has begun, I actually Need a planner!  Who would have thought!  Not that I’m going to run out and buy a Franklin … but I could really use one.  I found myself yesterday printing out calendars on my computer for January, February and March so that I could keep track of everything I have going on. 

It hit me this morning how hilarious it is that it’s looking like I’m going to have more meetings and I’ll be traveling more now that I’m retired than I ever did when I was gainfully employed!  As I’ve said before – The Universe definitely does have a sense of humor … and be careful what you ask for … cause you just might get it!

To date, here are some upcoming events:

January 27th – 5:00 pm CST – guest on TAKE A SOUL STEP with Cathryn Taylor on Blog Talk Radio.

February 6-13 – travel to Florida to celebrate 30 years of marriage

February 19-22 – attend Parent Forum in Florida hosted by the Michael Minger Foundation

February 23 – 7:00 pm CST – guest on WALKING WITH SPIRIT radio program with Monique Chapman

March 4th – speaker at a metaphysical book club starting in Owatonna

I will also be traveling to Indianapolis sometime in February to participate with other parents in filming a video on fire safety prevention for college students.

Hmm … maybe I do need to spend today looking for the perfect planner?

Whatever you choose to do today – do it with love and enjoy!

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