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Hello From Florida

15 Feb

We have officially been in Florida for 24 hours and we are having a wonderful time.  I guess I have to admit that I must have a strong affinity (as opposed to an addiction) for always having access to a computer … and the internet!  For only $15 we can have internet access for the entire week … that was just too good not to take advantage of.View of the Sunset

Whenever we go on vacation I always wonder whether Liz will check in.  If she doesn’t … it’s really fine … but she almost always does. This trip was no exception … remember it’s only been one day!   Roger and I decided to eat supper at this cute restaurant right on the beach.  It was cheap, the food was good, and the atmosphere was festive … even if we were the youngest people there.

At this outdoor restaurant you go up to a window and place your order.  When it’s  ready the waiter comes out, yells your name, and brings the food to your table.  As we were placing our order at the window a waiter came out and yelled LIZ … LIZ ….LIZ … LIZ …. he continued to yell out LIZ as we went to our table.  Where the heck was this Liz?  We sat down and the waiter was still yelling LIZ!  Suddenly at the table directly behind us …. a woman sheepishly yelled out here I am!

By this time I knew what was going on and I was laughing out loud!  I looked at Roger and said, “You get this right?”  He looked at me and said, yah, some lady named Liz just got her food.  No, no, no, well yes technically that is what happened …. but don’t you get it?  That is your daughter making her presence known.  He looked at me, smiled, and nodded in agreement.