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Which Comes First, Your Reality or Your Attitude?

28 Jan

You are responsible – this is one of the principles taught by the Light Collective through Kathryn Harwig.  http://harwig.com

We each create our own lives by what we do (or don’t do) and by what and how we think.

Many people are not happy with their lives … but instead of looking at themselves they blame others or the world for all of their malodies.

I’m doomed … nothing ever goes my way … nothing good ever happens to me … this is  some of the daily self talk that rolls around in people’s brains each and every day.  What they don’t realize is that it becomes a self fullfilling prophecy, and it snowballs into negativity that doesn’t end.

It’s the old adage of seeing the glass as half full … or half empty … again, depending upon how you view the world.  How we choose to view it, however,  is always our choice.

But enough of my ramblings … click on the link below to go to Phil Bolsta’s blog, Triumph of the Spirit … his entry for today, January 28th, says it much better than I can.


Have a great day and see the glass half full!