Reality Doesn’t Stop for Christmas

6 Dec

Within the past two weeks I have attended two funerals and one visitation.  It’s been said that people die in three’s … if this is indeed true I should be done with funerals for a while … I sure hope so, but you never know.

Each person’s death was completely different, how I knew them was different, and my response to each was also completely different.

But it brings home the fact that all any of us ever have is TODAY.   Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us.  I’m reminded that I need to live each day as if it were my last.

It also reminds me to hold my loved ones closer and let them know how I feel about them.

Sadly the Christmas season isn’t all happiness and joy … there are many people in intense pain and going through difficult times … this time of year makes it seem especially harsh.

The funeral I attended yesterday was at my church and the burial was in the same cemetery we buried Liz in.  Anna and I commented on our way home how difficult it was and how it felt like a flashback to six years ago.  We returned home completely exhausted and spent.

Be kind to yourself today and do something nice for someone else … and above all, give your loved ones an extra hug … we never know what tomorrow will bring.

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