Wow! What a Weekend!!

4 Nov

I just had a really great weekend!! I’m so jazzed right now I can hardly stand it.

Yesterday I met up with JoAnn Bruhn.  We have always known each other, but just met up for the first time in this life time.  Never, in a million years did I ever think I would find someone who has had such a similar path as mine over the past 4 years.  But, then I met JoAnn!

She spoke at the October Forum and it was so good! JoAnn’s son Craig passed away in 1995 and she has been on the journey of intuitive knowing and peace ever since.  She is an intuitive as well as a gifted speaker and songwriter.  I have added a line to her website, Sundance Project.  The song that was channeled to her thru Craig three days after his death is just phenomenal.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have listened to it since she gave it to me yesterday.

We got together on Saturday morning to share our journeys.  It is sooo much fun to talk about it all!  It is simply incredible.

Today our church had an All Saints Service.  This year it was held at St. John’s cemetery.  5 people were asked to speak about their loved one buried there.  I got to talk about Liz and I also shared a little bit of the amazing and wonderful connection that we still share today.  I hope I opened a few eyes and made a few people scratch their head and wonder.  My parents were in attendance which will also prove to be “interesting.” 

They know something has been going on with me … but they never ask me … I decided a while ago to adopt the “don’t ask … don’t tell policy” regarding intuitive happenings in my life … once in a while they’ll be brave and ask alittle something … but then they are quickly overwhelmed by the little I do share … so I have to back off.  Maybe this will be the start of something big … I hope so. 

Life is good!

Make your week great!


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