Another Interesting Week!!

21 Oct

Life is just so darn fascinating … you just never know what is going to come your way each day when you wake up.

Thankfully, things at work have quieted … we still have security on site but a “person of interest” is being looked at and is a very strong suspect as the bomb threat perpetrator.

But something else really amazing happened in my “other life” this week and has been continually on my mind.

I got a call from my friend Marie a week ago asking if I would consider talking to a woman named Iris.  Her daughter Amy passed away very unexpectedly a little over two years ago.  She was a freshman in college.  Naturally Iris is devastated by this loss, as all of us are, when we lose a child.  But, she was also receiving very clear and specific messages from Amy; and she was beside herself trying to decide if they were “real” or was she just going crazy?  And, how did all of this fit with her religious upbringing?

Now Marie, who is also a psychic/medium, had met with Iris just a few days prior, and Amy was indeed present.  But as stubborn daughters can sometimes be, she refused to talk at that particular time. 

The next day Amy did return to Marie.  She said only one word … KIM.

Immediately though, Marie knew exactly what Amy meant and what she wanted.  Thus Marie’s call to me.

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted when I heard that a girl I didn’t even know, on the other side, would say my name! 

It didn’t take long before I realized that Liz had a part in this whole scenario.  She and Amy had connected and were completely orchestrating from above this meeting of their mothers.

A few days after setting up the meeting with Iris, it dawned on me.  Saturday was the 20TH.  The 20TH is very signficant for Liz and me.  THINGS HAPPEN ON THE 20TH ALOT!  And, this was no ordinary 20th … this was October 20th … the 4 year anniversary of Liz’s setting off of the smoke alarm in our home.  It was the one month anniversary of her passing … Roger, Anna and I were all home that night … but I was the only one who heard the alarm and realized it was a sign from her just for me. 

AND, another “interesting” fact is that Amy’s birthday is September 24TH … the 20th plus 4th anniversary = 24! (numbers and their significance is another subject that has become a fascination for me in the past 4 years!)

As I met with Iris yesterday and we each talked about our daughters, it was so obvious that they would be friends.  They were similar in so many ways … they each enjoy physical activities such as skiing and all types of sports.  They love France and the French language … they both have many friends and talk a mile a minute 99% of the time.

Iris is trying to come to terms with what has happened and to embrace the knowledge that Amy is indeed alive and living a marvelous new life … but it isn’t easy and it is a journey that takes time and some help along the way.

I trust that our time together yesterday is part of that help as she continues on this path of discovery, acceptance, peace … and, I hope,  at some point  …a return to JOY.

For me, it was, once again, another validation that God is always in control … and he cares about all of us more than we can ever imagine … and he plays an active, vital role in our every day lives, if we choose to let him … and sometimes even if we don’t!

Make your day great!


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