An Interesting Week!

11 Oct

It’s been an interesting week.  Last Friday I attended the Intuitive Forum in Maple Grove and heard Joann Bruhn share her story of the loss of her son, Craig and her journey through that and the signs she received from him, which ultimately lead her to develop her own intuitive abilities.

Sound familiar?  I was sooo happy to learn that I am not the only person who has walked this road!!

Even more amazing was that Joann knows the Spekien’s, the parents of Amanda, who died with Liz. 

Joann and I are planning to get together soon for coffee to share more of our similar experiences.

On the home front, our internet went out last week and after some very frustrating days dealing with customer service in some far away land, it inexplicably began to work again … a big THANK YOU to whoever is responsible for that …

Work is ever changing and that is always challenging … I’ve had to take on far more responsibility than I want … I came in on Monday wondering where to even begin –I turned on my computer — got a cup of coffee and was just starting to take it all in.  Suddenly the fire alarm sounded — who in their right mind schedules a fire drill at 7:45 am on a Monday when its cold and rainy??? 

As we all exited the building we soon found out someone had called in a bomb threat.  After waiting around for a couple of hours we were all sent home for the day … a very unexpected event, but all I could think of was all the work that was continuing to pile up.

On Tuesday we moved back into our remodeled offices … they are very nice, but again more time away from doing what I need to do.

Yesterday I thought … Ok a regular day … I can actually start to get some of this work done!  However, at 10:00 am the announcement was made … another bomb threat had been called in … again we all exited the building … after a search we were allowed back in after about an hour.

Maybe today will be a normal day …. but then again, what IS a normal day?


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