What dreams may come …

24 Sep

Liz came to visit last night … in a dream …  and I hadn’t even made it to bed yet … I had fallen asleep in front of the TV!

In my dream I was in the exact spot in the family room I really was at … on the couch … Anna was also there sitting on the floor.  In walked Liz looking very svelt in a pale blue pants and blazer with a white top underneath — very sheek and grown up!   Her hair was shorter than usual and she was wearing black framed glasses.

She walked over and started to give Anna all kinds of advice.  I don’t consciously remember anything she said — I was too busy just looking at her.  It felt so natural that she was there … the significance of what was happening hadn’t hit me yet.  She finished talking and walked around the corner and disappeared just as if she were walking up our basement stairs. 

It wasn’t until she was gone that it hit me … oh my goodness, that’s right … she’s dead … this IS a big deal!!

Then I began to wonder if Anna saw her as I did and I started to quiz Anna on what Liz was wearing.  Anna refused to tell me and she kept saying, what difference does it make?  It didn’t make any difference, I just wanted her to tell me that she saw the same thing I did.  But she wouldn’t tell me … which was extremely frustrating … the dream ended and I woke up.

The last time Liz showed up in a dream was October, 2005, and there are some interesting similarities whenever she chooses to present herself in this way.

We are always in some room in our home.  She is always wearing glasses (and they are usually quite wierd) … I was always puzzled by the glasses because she didn’t wear glasses when she was here.   I’ve since been told the glasses mean that she now sees things in a new way.  That makes sense to me.

And, up until last night, her and I were the only ones in the dreams.  Adding Anna to the picture is a new development. 

It certainly was a very nice surprise.  And, I didn’t even have to ask.

I’m now trying to take it all in and figure out if there was more she was trying to tell me other than:  Hello!~ I’m fine and I’m continuing to learn and grow, check in … and continue to be Anna’s big sister.

Yup … Life is good!


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