The Universe has it all under control

26 Jul

I continue to be amazed by the way the Universe uses me to help others.  The circumstances are always way too intricate to be coincidental … and I really don’t believe in coincidences any more … mostly they are extraordinary occurences … and I love them soooo much!

My co-worker Karla came to my desk this week and proceeded to tell me once again about the spirit that continues to follow her and her fiance, Jonathan, from home to home.  She was a bit un-nerved by it all and asked what she should do?

Ask him who he is and how you can help him, I replied; but after talking for a while longer, I gave her Kathryn Harwig’s email and suggested Kathryn could probably be more helpful than I could.

I decided to send my own email to Kathryn to let her know that she may be hearing from Karla, and could she please do me a  favor by lending her wisdom to the situation.  I gave the whole scenario to Kathryn and today she responded.

I forwarded Kathryn’s response on to Karla … and she yelled over to me, “Thanks Kim!”  A few minutes later I walked over to see if it made sense.  Karla had tears running down her cheeks and she told me it made complete sense and it was amazing.

Once again, Kathryn provided the exact information that Karla needed … even though they have never met — not even via email.  And, I was the lucky conduit who brought the two together … oh, how I love when that happens.

What does this have to do with the Universe, you may be thinking … well, here it is.  Karla and I work together, but we don’t know each other well … and I’m old enough to be her mother.  We just happened to be paired up last May to attend a seminar.  The seminar could have been in just about any city in the US, but it ended up being in Newport Beach, California.  Julie Aydlott, the author of the book my story is in, just happens to live in San Diego just 2 hours from Newport Beach.   I “knew” I wasn’t going to California for the seminar (even though technically that was why) but my true purpose was for Julie and I to meet.

However, I also knew I had to share my story of these past 3+ years with Karla … it wasn’t fair to drag her along to my dinner with Julie without knowing it all.  So, I very hesitantly shared it with her …  as it turned out, she was not only very receptive, but she also had some pretty amazing stories herself. 

Coincidence?  … I don’t think so … so that brings us back to today … what are the chances that Karla and I would have ever shared our stories of “extra-ordinary” occurences if we had not been paired for that seminar … not very good.  But, the Universe knows just what to do to pull it all together and make it happen.

What’s gonna happen next week?  I don’t know, but I sure can’t wait to find out!

Life is a joyous adventure!

PS … I need to keep reminding myself how absolutely un-nerving it is the first time you contact a psychic … after thanking me profusely, Karla told me she just hadn’t been able to get up the courage to email Kathryn yet … daa, hit me over the head … how quickly I forget … it is difficult at first … but it is always amazing and worth the risk, and taking that chance … it’s given me a whole new perspective and a whole new, amazing wonderful life!

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