Family and Fun

24 Jul

The play with the Baldwin women last Thursday was a great time … lots of laughs and a nice dinner … we got back to Owatonna about midnight … a tad past my bedtime. 

Friday was Michael Buble day!  I’ve never seen Anna so excited about anything as she was to see him.  I’ve heard her gush over him for the past 2 yrs!!  Funny tho, most people have never heard of him.

We took the light rail to downtown MPLS (I LOVE light rail) had some cocktails and nice dinner at Old Chicago and then it was off the the Orpheum.  I LOVE that theatre … it is so elegant and regal.

Michael did not disappoint!  He is a real showman and great with the audience … I was won over.

Another night past my bedtime as well … but I’m not complaining mind you … Anna will be be moving to Mankato soon and our one on one time is at a premium.

Saturday … back to reality and paying some attention to my house.  I did the usual Saturday things … clean… wash clothes … cook … with a few extra “rest periods” in between.

Sunday … church and breakfast with the folks and then I have the house to myself for most of the day … Roger is at a huge WENCL reunion … the one that only happens once every 5 years …. Anna is working …

Monday … back to work!

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