Rain – Rain – and More Rain!

25 Sep

My town of Owatonna, MN made the national news yesterday … although I dare say it isn’t how we would have wanted noteriety!

Beginning early Wednesday evening it began to rain … and it continued all night and the next day.  In all we have approximately 10 inches of rain.  We have several rivers that run through town.  They all completely escaped thier banks and made getting from one part of town to another virtually impossible.

Many people have several feet of water in their basements, many families were forced to evacuate and some homes even had basement cave ins.

There are huge sink holes in other parts of town.

It is now Saturday and it is cold and grey and spitting rain … but the meteoroligists are telling us that the sun should appear this afternoon and there is no rain in the forecast for the next week.

My family and I are very fortunate.  We live on the north end of town which is much higher than the rest of town.  But with an unprecidented 10 inches we also got some water in our basement.  We have been vacuuming it out for two days now and my husband is cleaning the carpet as we speak.

Here are some links to what Owatonna looked like over the past two days:



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