What Do You Think – Coincidence or Connection?

28 Oct

I’m always so glad when I see media pieces that talk about after death communication.

Today I saw two completely different, but very stunning examples.

On THE TODAY Show this morning, a story ran about a little girl named Elena who died from cancer in 2007.  After her death, her parents and younger sister began to find notes all over the house telling them how much Elena loved them.  And, it wasn’t just a few notes here and there.  To date they have three large plastic containers full of notes.

They even found notes that were sealed in envelopes which they have chosen not to open so they will always have an unread note available from their daughter.

Meredith Viera asked them if they thought Elena somehow knew of her impending death, even though as parents they had chosen not to tell her.  Their reply was that they sincerely hoped not and they choose to believe that she did not.

Receiving these notes has been very healing for this family and has helped them on the road to acceptance and peace.

I believe that we all know everything that is going to happen – but we know it on such a deep level that we would consciously never ever access it – but some part of our soul does know.

Here is the story from TODAY if you would like to see it:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second stunning example happened on The Oprah Show this afternoon.  The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol showed up and chose someone from the audience to receive $25,000 .

A woman’s name was read off and she came excitedly to the stage.  During the commercial break, she told Oprah that she knew her husband was responsible for this wonderful surprise.

She explained that she had had Oprah show tickets since 2007 but because of her husband’s illness, they hadn’t been able to use them until now.  She went on to say that before her husband passed away on September 9th, they had discussed ways in which they could still continue to communicate with each other after her husband had passed.

Another marvelous example of our loved ones sending something wonderful into our lives – but more importantly letting us know that they are indeed alive and well, and living marvelous new lives.  I’ll bet for that woman having that knowing about her husband is worth more to her than winning the $25,000.

Check out Oprah’s video to watch it all unfold.

Now there will always be those who will say that these are simply just coincidences … and of course they have every right to believe that if they choose to.

For my money – these are both stunning examples of the connection we all have with those we love.  Love is a bond that can never be broken … not even by death!

And that is the best news of all!


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