No News Is Good News

18 Oct

My daughter Anna is always telling me that I need to post more.

While she may be right, after all it’s been almost one month since my last post, I don’t think she is.

In order to post I need to have something interesting to post about.  No one wants to hear of the ordinary, mundane acitvities of my life. 

The past month has been fairly non-eventful as far as amazing experiences is concerned.  And, that’s not a bad thing.  I take joy in the ordinary, every days now.

Within the last month I have attended a mini-family reunion on the Wencl side.  I got a flu shot on a Friday and by Monday night I could tell I was getting sick with …. the flu.  I’ve been under the weather for the past 2-1/2 weeks now; and while I am better, I still have a nagging cough that just doesn’t want to leave.

I spent a couple days with my sister in Redwood Falls.  Anna and I had lunch and went shopping this past Friday.

All very normal, every day occurrences that everyone does and I really find no need to initiate a post about.

But it reminds me that most of our lives are normal and very ordinary.  But, I like ordinary.  I enjoy the quietness and the solitude of my life now.

If amazing, extraordinary things happened all of the time, they would no longer  be amazing or extraordinary.

So enjoy the day – enjoy the mundane and the ordinary because they are wonderful gifts as well.


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