More Mother’s Day Gifts

9 May

Anna’s Mother’s Day gift to me was a gift certificate to my absolute favorite charity – KIVA.  If you aren’t familiar with KIVA it is the latest in micro-lending.  For $25 you can lend money to women and men across the globe who are entrepreneurs.  They pay you back over a period of one year.  So, it’s a loan program – not a hand out.  You choose who you wish to loan to.  I’ve been a member of KIVA for almost a year, and as of today have made 12 loans.

Anna and I sat down this morning to finalize my Mother’s Day loan, and it didn’t take long to make our pick — in fact our pick was made for us …  by Liz.

The very first loan application we saw was for a 20 year old woman living in Peru named Lizbeth!  Are you kidding me??

Anna and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.  How could we NOT choose Lizbeth??  Of course we did.

Another stunning example of how Liz shows us that she is still very much a part of our family!

I love you Liz and Anna!  I am SO BLESSED to be your Mother!


One Response to “More Mother’s Day Gifts”

  1. annawencl May 9, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

    Oh, you’re cute.


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