A New Perspective

10 Apr

Why is it so difficult for us humans to trust and believe that God is always present and working in our lives?  I struggle with this alot – I always think, “well, he was there for me last time …. but will he be present again this time when I need him? ”   Time and time again, He proves to me that he continues to lead me down the path and I continue to follow.

Last weekend I was asked to be a speaker at a women’s spiritual retreat in rural Minnesota not far from my home.  I am getting fairly comfortable with sharing my story with groups and I rather enjoy doing it.  I always practice and ask for God’s presence to make it all that it should be.  He never fails me.  But at this retreat I was also asked to do intuitive readings for anyone who wanted one.

I’ve been struggling with this for a while – am I really meant to do this?  After all I’ve been doing email readings for people for the past three years … but to actually have a real live person sitting right in front of me waiting with baited breath for whatever information I got for them felt unnerving and I didn’t feel adequate.

But I also knew if I stepped out in faith and trusted God that I would be helped to do it.  About three weeks before the retreat I began to express my fears to God and I just kept hearing the same words – “Just trust the process.”  What I assumed was meant by that was the very deliberate process I use to obtain intuitive iformation for people.

Not only was I helped – I was literally given step by step instructions on what to do.  I can follow directions and I did right down to the letter. 

When I went to bed on Friday night I really had no plan on where to do the readings or even how I would do them.  When I woke up on Saturday morning it was as if God had plopped step by step instructions into my brain.  And I followed each and every step.

1. Do the readings in your room – it’s quiet, it’s confidential and it will be calming for you and for those you are reading.

2. Go get the sign up sheet and copy down each person’s name and the time of their readings.  Then return the sign up sheet to the registration table – and be sure to write a note on it so everyone knows they need to come to your room at their specified time.

3. Take those extra note cards you brought along, cut them in half so you have enough.  Then write down each person’s name and time at the top.

4.  Now relax, focus and ask the Universe for some descriptive words that would describe that person.  Write them down on each notecard.  Next, ask what the goal for this weekend was for them.  Write that down.  Next ask for some words of guidance for the future.

I did that for each person and it was a wonderful way to begin each reading.  Amazingly (or not) every person related to the information that I gave them and that led to other questions that I again received guidance and passed on to them.

A few wanted to speak to loved ones who had died – so I used my pendulum to see if the loved one was present.  None of them were – however, as soon as I would put the pendulum down I was flooded with information from the loved one.  This happened on three different occasions.

One gal came in and shyly told me that she had always been able to see things and she never really knew if they were real or not and it bothered her.  “You were so supported in spirit last night,” she told me.  “I could see someone standing next to you the entire time you were speaking. ” That was so lovely to hear.  I always ask Liz to help me and even though I was 99.9% sure she had been by my side, to hear it from someone else was total validation.  And, my validation, proved to this gal that what she was seeing was very real.

I also did an angel card reading for each person. You shuffle the angel cards and choose three, and lay them each face down on the table.  The middle card represents your current situation.  The card to the left represents the past, and the card to the right represents the future.  We flip them over one by one and talk about them.  I would write down the angel card information on each person’s individual note card, and at the end of the reading I would give the note card to the person.

It hasn’t been all that long since I was the one getting the reading and  I know how important it is to walk out with something on paper so you can remember what you are told.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and my sense was that my clients each benefited as well.  And that was the best feeling of all.

What I also realized is this is not about me.  I am simply a willing conduit between the Universe/God and the people that I deal with.

A few days after returning home, it hit me that the message I had received to “trust the process” really was referring to that very deliberate and explicit set of instructions I received that Saturday morning.

God proved to me once again that He will always be there for me.  But will I continue question God’s presence in my life?  I’m sure I will, because I am, after all, only human.


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