God is Good!

18 Dec

Some really fun things have happened this week for Liz and me! 

First of all, our Christmas card.  I was so happy that even though Liz’s physical presence has been gone for over 5 yrs now, ways still arise for her to be a part of our Christmas card.

This year’s picture was taken on 9-20-08 at the tree planted in Liz-Brian-Amanda’s memory at Van Cleve Park.  When I was at the store ordering the pictures I hurredly picked out the picture and type and writing that would accompany it.

It wasn’t until some days later that the significance of what I had chosen hit me.

There is a single angel and the words, Christmas Blessings from The Wencl’s.  I always intentionally put from The Wencl’s because then it always includes Liz (at least in my mind).  And the single angel is representative of her new life as well as her continued presence in ours.  It doesn’t get any better than that in my world.

On Tuesday the premiere edition of MIDWEST CAREGIVE came out.  It featured my story THE LETTER.  And one entire page has Liz’s smiling persona on it.  I have wanted to get that story printed since the day I wrote it and now it’s happened.

It is our hope that Liz and my story will bring comfort to those who have suffered loss … with God’s help anything is possible!


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