A Sure Way to Make A Difference

2 Jul

I’m always looking for ways to make a positive difference in the world and with people in general.  I’ve longed to do more to support charities … but how do you know for sure that the money you donate really goes to those who really need it?  I’ve always struggled with that. 

I believe I have found what I have been looking for!  The organization is called KIVA.  I first heard about it when Bill Clinton was on OPRAH over a year ago.  I checked it out then, added it to my favorites list, and knew there would come a time when I would be ready to get involved.

KIVA brings people together — those who need help – with those who can help.  And you don’t need to be a millionaire to make a difference.  What’s even better, you aren’t just giving them a hand out … you really are giving them a hand up, as they say.  You loan them whatever you want … as little as $25 … and over a period of a year they repay you.

You can choose who you want to help … what country … it’s all available … and you get periodic updates on how they are progressing.  You can also be linked to everyone else around the world who partners with you to make a difference.  IT IS SO COOL!  I’m so excited!

I’ve made 3 loans in the past week, click on the links below to read about my new partners.






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