It’s been a while!

18 Mar

Wow … I knew I hadn’t written in a while, but I didn’t realize just how long it’s been!  Life is good … a little boring and predictable, but very, very good.

I just made the decision last week to be open to doing telephone intuitive consultations for anyone who wants one.  I’ve been telling myself for over 2 yrs now that I would never do that … and yet here we are.  I’ve really gotten information so easily for people when they email me … I decided to challenge myself and see what happens.  The process is always the same, no matter if it is done via email, over the telephone or in person.

I’ve also decided I want to continue to tell my story out loud to anyone who will listen.  I’ve applied to be a workshop speaker at the Women’s Spirituality Conference in Mankato next October.  I will need to speak for at least 75 minutes, so my journey to intuitive knowing will be a part of my talk.  I have a strong sense that I will be given this opportunity.  I will know for sure sometime in June.

It’s been a long winter, and Spring is on the cusp of reality now.  The snow is slowing disappearing and soon the grass will be green and new life will abound.

I’m reading Oprah’s book club selection, “A New Earth” by Eckart Tolle.  It is a great book and I’m doing the online classes that Oprah & Mr. Tolle are hosting for 9 weeks.  Such fun … and it is so refreshing to see so many people embracing the principles of spirituality and getting to know their spirit/themselves in very new, wonderful ways. 

I took a community ed class on energy healing.  It was very interesting and even though we barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer, the benefits I felt for myself and the hands on training we did in class was very beneficial and just plain fun.

Easter, my favorite holiday, is just a few days away!

Blessings to all who read this.

2 Responses to “It’s been a while!”

  1. Anna March 21, 2008 at 5:27 pm #

    Finally! An update!
    …and you always yelled at me for not updating every two hours!

  2. Kim March 22, 2008 at 5:15 am #

    Why Anna! I didn’t know you cared! LOL And … when was the last time you updated your …. blog????

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