30 Jan

It is so cold.  Our thermometer reads -16 and with the windchill it’s even colder.  Makes me just want to stay at home and huddle under my blankets and hibernate.

But hey, I’m a Minnesotan!  We are a hearty bunch.  So I’ll do as I always do and head off to work.  Luckily work is only a couple of miles away.

I don’t like being negative, but this time of year is my least favorite.  It seems so boring.  The days are made up of work, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, watching TV, eating and sleeping.

My next travel excursion isn’t until May which right now seems like a long time away.

But I have a lot to be thankful for.  I need to keep remembering that and embrace the mundane and the cold … for a while anyway. 

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