Viva Las Vegas!

4 Sep

Anna and I spent the last 4 days in Vegas and we had a blast!  But it was hot-hot-hot … over 100 every day … and yes it is a “dry” heat … but it was still HOT!

Our little adventure started off kind of rocky though … our flight was suppose to leave at 2 pm on Thursday; however, just as they announced boarding … we found out some cheese ball from the previous flight had taken the exit sign over the door of the plane as a souvenier and without it we couldn’t fly!

We didn’t leave Mpls until 6:30 pm that evening!  But no worries … we were in Vegas by 9 pm.

Louie Anderson (famous Minnesota comedian) was going to be on our flight … but when the exit sign went missing so did Louie … we found out later he had a show to do that night … oh well, it was fun to see him standing around waiting just like the rest of us.

We went to 2 shows, saw a Picasso exhibit at the Belagio, went to Hoover Dam/Lake Mead, went to Madame Toussoue’s wax museum, spent a couple hours at the pool, gambled just a little (at the penny slots), explored too many casinos to mention, ate at numerous buffets, and did lots of walking.  All in all a great trip.  We actually traveled quite well together and didn’t get on each other’s nerves (well not too much).

A funny story while at Hoover Dam … before we left I got the very strong sense that Liz was going to be a part of our trip in some way … however, once we got to Vegas we were so busy I didn’t give it much thought.  We had just finished the dam tour (no pun intended) and were in the very cheesy gift shop … Anna was looking at the key chains with names on them … amazingly they actually had one with the name ANNA on it.  I couldn’t resist and looked to see if they had one with the name ELIZABETH.  They did … I just ran my fingers over it, and let out a little sigh … suddenly this voice in my head said “I’m dead — I don’t need a key chain!”

I just broke out laughing … it was very true and completely unexpected.

We got home last night at 10 pm … again our plane was late … suppose to leave at 2 pm; however, we boarded at 3 pm but didn’t actually take off until 3:40 pm …the joys of mass transit.

It is good to be home though … Vegas is fun … but only for a few days … I like the real world much better.

Roger had a great time on his fishing trip as well  … thankfully he caught fish but nothing that will be taking up permanent residence on a wall in our home!



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