Rain, rain … go away

20 Aug

Roger woke me up at 5:30 am yesterday to tell me we had lots of water in our basement … boy did we ever … (not lots .. but some … about an inch, just enough to really get the carpeting wet and it wasn’t the whole lower level)   but there’s nothing like an early morning workout without the benefit of coffee to start off your day. 

We moved stuff and vacuumed and vacuumed and now we have about 6 fans running 24 – 7 and I think everything will be alright.

After watching the news of some of our SE Minnesota neighbors we were thanking our lucky stars.

We needed to clean out our spare bedroom anyway … it was way overdue.


A very interesting and fun development happened at work today.

We were told at the beginning of the year we needed to establish two personal goals for ourselves … in addition to the usual 3 or 4 work-related ones … it wasn’t a problem.  I knew immediately what my personal goals would be … after all they were already my personal goals before I even knew I had to have them for my job!

Goal #1 – give at least one speech in some sort of public venue

Goal #2 – get my writing published in either a magazine or  book

Friday was mid-year review day.   My Manager, Kari, was quite surprised that I had all of my goals under control.  My job goals are still a work in progress;  but, my personal goals … well they are complete!

And amazingly, I just happened to have a copy of “True Stories of Messages From Beyond” in my desk drawer … and just to be clear … I don’t always have a copy of “my book” in my desk drawer!  My friend Lynn had just returned it to me.

Kari was very surprised when I showed her the book.  She asked to read it … she came back a half an hour later and said “this is amazing!”  Can I keep it for the weekend?  Of course.

First thing this morning she was back at my desk  relating again how amazing my experiences were and how much she liked my writing.  She then proceeded to tell me that she planned to buy a copy of the book for each member of our team!

Oh … I just love the way this has worked out … better than I could ever have imagined or planned … but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised … after all today is the 20TH!

Thanks Liz … as usual you and The Universe have it all under control.  🙂  You are the best!

PS … for anyone who doesn’t understand, Liz died on the 20th and she tends to do things on the 20th … not every 20th mind you, but every now and then … just to keep me guessing and hoppin …  expect the unexpected … that is the motto where Liz is concerned … gotta love it! 


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