Family, Food, Weather and … Fun??

5 Aug

I did it, it’s over, and I survived — but I’m sooo tired! 

Yesterday we hosted the 24th Annual Wencl family get together at our house … not a big deal you may be thinking … but let me give you a brief synopsis of the past 23 Wencl family outings.

Up until just a few years ago they were camping weekends.  Anyone who knows me, knows I DISLIKE IMMENSELY (hate is a better word, but it’s so harsh) any and all  forms of camping.  But, just for that one weekend every year, I would grit my teeth and soldier thru … all for the sake of family.

But bad things were happening … let me list just a few:

1) 1-1/2 yr old Anna falls out of our rented camper narrowly missing the hitch … scared and covered with dirt she is no worse for the wear and has no memory of it

2) a bat somehow gets inside our rented camper at night-I ran screaming out into the dark with Roger close behind.  Both girls peacefully sleep thru the entire episode

3) it freezes in mid-June and we spend the entire weekend huddled up around the campfire watching the frost melt from the grass

4) we wake up to find an all night rain has made a lake all around our tent (this happened 2 different years, at 2 different camp grounds).

These are just a few of the incidents from over the years … I finally came to the conclusion that all of these bad things were happening because I was there.  My negative energy had to be making bad things happen to these good Wencl people. I would be doing them all a huge favor if I just stayed home .  So I did for a few years.

In 1998 I decided to give it one more try … that year  a tornado went thru our campground (luckily they had a shelter and we were in it) … but that was it …. it was over … I would never again camp … family or no family NEVER, NEVER, NEVER … did I say NEVER!! 

But my Wencl family, they are a resilent clan … the day after the tornado they started to plan another camping outing for that same summer … we had to they said … this outing got cut short.  I looked at them and said, “Are you crazy?  We could have died yesterday!!  They looked at me and said … oh no, it was just a little bad luck …  I was only a visitor at the 2nd gathering that summer.

Fast forward to 2007, thankfully, the Wencl family is now reaching the age where they don’t want to  camp anymore … ALLELUIA!  This year, we would start a new tradition …  a day long picnic event.

Sounds good!  Now we are talking.  I love picnics.  Roger and I volunteered our home for this first inaugural picnic … how tough could it be … they come  … we eat … we play a few games …. we eat again … play a few more games … then everyone goes home … NO BIG DEAL … RIGHT?

Only … after months and months of sunny blue skies and warm temperatures, Mother Nature stepped in and decided that yesterday was the day to rain buckets and buckets, be extremely windy, and only reach a high of 63 degrees.   

But, we Wencl’s, a hearty throng of 28, are a strong, resilient bunch … we huddled together and still ate, played games, ate again, and played more games … all within the confines of our garage … and if that wasn’t enough togetherness, everyone came back for breakfast this morning before heading out to yet another reunion … the Calverley reunion (my mother-in-law’s side of the family).

What?  You’re not coming, they said?  They looked at me like I was crazy when I quietly mentioned I wouldn’t be attending … luckily they didn’t ask me why.  I would have had to tell them that I was exhausted, that I needed to clean up my house and my garage, but mostly — I just needed to bask in the solitude of own my humble abode.  I desperately needed A-L-O-N-E  time.

It’s 6 pm and I’m just barely beginning to claim my sanity and feel “normal” again.

And sadly, yesterday’s weather has shown me that the spell hasn’t been broken … I’m still bringing bad luck to our Wencl gatherings.  I guess I have a whole year to ponder attending next year’s event. 

And, the way I look at it, in 7 years when our turn rolls around again … I’ll be just too darn old to host another picnic … and if they don’t buy that, I think I’ll claim a sudden onset of Ahlzheimer’s.

Aaah, thank God, tomorrow is Monday … I can go to work and rest …

That’s life in the Wencl lane ….  

PS I really do love my family, I do, I do, I do …  really!  I do!

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